Why Does My A/C Keep Turning On and Off?

Why Is your air conditioner frequently turning on and off? This is a common problem with A/C’s called Short Cycling. This can be an expensive affair if you do not pay attention to fix it on time. Let’s have a look at key reasons that result in frequent turning on and off of your AC.

Dirty air filters

Dirty air filters are one of the reasons for malfunctioning of an AC unit. It can restrict the airflow of your air conditioner, as a result the evaporation coils freeze which leads to an AC turning on and off problem. As a reminder, you should always replace the air filters at least once a month to ensure its smooth working.

Refrigeration leakage

It is important that the refrigerant level in your AC stays at a consistent level to ensure its proper functioning. Due to leakage; the refrigerant level falls to an inadequate level and results in repeated turning on and off of the AC. This can lead to severe damage to your unit. A professional HVAC technician will check your refrigerant level to detect the leakage which is causing trouble in your system’s working.

Cooling system is too big

If you are facing this problem after upgrading your system then your AC system may be larger for your home. It seems odd but when your AC system is too big it will cool down your house quickly and turn off soon after being turned on. It seems like a good thing but this will increase your electricity bill and chances of a breakdown. By taking advice from a skilled HVAC technician, you can determine the right size air conditioner unit(s) for your home.

Placement of the thermostat

When a thermostat is located at an impractical spot it causes short cycling problem. Thermostats are responsible for sending “on” and “off” signals to the system based on the surrounding temperature. You should not place it near an air vent or warm sunny window otherwise it will make your unit turn off and on frequently as the thermostat will get confused to sense the actual temperature of your home. It should be placed away from windows and air vents in the central location.

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