Benefits Of A Programmable Thermostat For Your Home

From keeping cool in the Summer to protecting your home and family from the heat and humidity of Summer, your homes cooling system is an imperative part of your daily life. There is nothing like being able to cool your home at any time of the day. While you may know how yo use your thermostat no matter the type, it may not be operating the most efficient way to serve your lifestyle.

  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Consistent Temperatures
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Less Stress on Equipment


Lower Energy Bills
While your home or away from your home, the air conditioning systems is usually about half of your home’s total energy in the electrical bill. Imagine if you can control when and how to cool your home at any time throughout the year. By setting your thermostat to cool the home on a pre-set schedule you determine, you can reduce energy costs while maintaining a comfortable environment.

In Miami when the Summer temperatures are higher outdoors than usual you can set your thermostat a little higher while your away from home. A benefit to a programmable thermostat is this feature that allows you to control the set temperature while you are not home, decreasing your energy usage.

For the small amount of time we have of Winter or cooler days in December and January set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature to allow your a/c not to turn on frequently. These months tend to help equalize your yearly energy bill.

Consistent Temperatures
Did you know the smaller the difference is between the outdoor and your homes indoor temperature is the lower your air conditioning bills possibly could be? You want to try and maintain temperatures close to one another whether home or away. For example you are at home in the morning and have the a/c set at 75 degrees. When you leave the home you can set it to 78 degrees and drop it back down when you get home to 75. Now imagine if you have the a/c at 68 degrees while home and when you leave you put it at 78. Now you get home and crank it back down to 68 which will make your a/c work twice as hard in order to cool your hot home. Air conditioning units, conventional ovens, dryers are just some of the home utilities around the house that draw some serious power.

Flexible Scheduling
Traditional thermostats allow you to increase or decrease temperatures manually and can be convenient for some people. However today’s programmable thermostats offer more detailed opportunities to have comfort in your home without the larger energy bills associated with non-programmable thermostats. If you are the techie type there are a few full automated programmable thermostats available with Wi-Fi included so you can program from anywhere. These also allow you to monitor the efficiency of your system. The app can notify you of any changes, issues and performance of your air conditioning system(s). There are simple programmable ones that will allow you to program 7 days in advance to help you automate around your schedule.

Less Stress on Equipment
So we spoke about lowering your energy bills, consistent temperatures and flexible scheduling which all relates to the benefits of having a programmable thermostat and help provide less stress to your equipment. Depending on the age of your system when cooling in Summer or setting up the heater during December, you may notice an increase in your energy bill. New air conditioning units have the latest technology which complies with manufacture regulations and will help lower your electrical bill. However the newer the system dosen’t necessarily mean it will lower your energy bill believe it or not. Improper installation of equipment or leak issues can really damage the way the a/c should function and last a long-time.

A programmable thermostat may be a small upgrade but it will make a big impact on your homes air quality and energy bill. To learn more contact Hi-Tech Air Service today (305)969-2600!